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        September is flying by and football is back in action, which means I am glued to the television watching football all day long. However, it doesn't mean you have to be sitting on your couch eating unhealthy food all day long. Remember, your body will adapt to any stimulus you give it. When you sit on a couch your shoulders roll forward and your hips get shorter, there is nothing attractive about that look. Instead, get off the couch and start stretching, your body is craving movement, don't just let it stay stagnant all day. We do not move enough nor stretch enough, just look at the average American. Our postures are terrible, we have forwarded heads, rolled shoulders and inactive glutes. The only time people stretch is when they are about to work out. They sit for five hours at work and then come to the gym to workout. What is the first thing they do? They stretch of course!  What people don't realize that this can actually be more detrimental to your health. Yes, you read that correctly. Stretching before you workout can be doing you more harm than good, research has shown that the best time to stretch is after you workout. Check out the studies below to find out why stretching before you workout is doing more harm than good.

Have  a great week.

5 Reasons To Stop Stretching Pre-Workout

1.A dynamic warm up makes you stronger versus a static warm up..
 "The findings suggest that incorporation of this specific 4-week DWU intervention into the daily preseason training regimen of wrestlers produced longer-term or sustained power, strength, muscular endurance, anaerobic capacity, and agility performance enhancements."

2.Static stretching has been shown to not increase performance...

"These results suggest that static stretching does not affect maximal eccentric isokinetic torque or power production, nor does it change muscle activation."

3.A dynamic warm up will increase performance...
"Because the results of this study indicate a relative performance enhancement with the DWU, the utility of warm up routines that use static stretching as a stand-alone activity should be reassessed."

4.Dynamic warm ups have been shown to increase flexibility and strength....
"The DWU significantly improved eccentric quadriceps strength and hamstrings flexibility, whereas the SWU did not facilitate any positive or negative changes in muscle flexibility, strength, power, or vertical jump. Therefore, the DWU may be a better preactivity warm-up choice than an SWU"

5.Static Stretching has been shown to have no influence over injury prevention...

"There is no difference between dynamic stretching and D+S stretching in the prevention of lower-extremity, core, and back injuries in high school male soccer athletes. Static stretching does not provide any added benefit to dynamic stretching in the prevention of injury in this population before exercise."