Reduce Shoulder & Back Pain

The warm-up below will help reset and align the pelvis. By improving the alignment of your pelvis, you will decrease your risk for injury in the hips and lower back.

1. 1/2 Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch: 30 seconds
2. Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls: 15 reps
3. Supine Hip Flexor March: 10 reps per leg
4. Quadruped Scapula Retraction: 10 reps
5. Quadruped Extension-Rotation: 8 reps per arm
6. Supine Straight Leg Raise W/ Band: 10 reps per leg
7. Groiners to Overhead Reach: 5 reps per leg

* The videos go from left to right. The 1/2 kneeling hip stretch is the first video and the last video is the groiner to overhead reach. Click on the arrow in the video to go to the next exercise.

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