Before proceeding any further, make sure you click here and read over the blog post. That blog post covers my 60 favorite exercises. I will be referring back to that post throughout the this post. 

Today's post will cover the topic on how to write a workout plan. Now, don't be intimidated. Writing a workout plan is much easier than you think! In fact, it will take you less than 15 minutes if you follow the steps below.

Step 1: Sit down and write out your 90 day goal followed by your 60 days goal and then your 30 day goal.  

  • Month 3 Goal Examples: Lose 12 pounds
  • Month 2 Goal Examples: Workout 15 times or Workout every other day
  • Month 1  Goal Examples: Be asleep by 10:30pm 20 times 

What do you see when you look at these three goals? When looking at these goals you should realize that each goal builds off one another. You do this by reverse engineering and starting with your 90 day goal. Once you figured out your 90 day goal, you then ask yourself,  "How can I achieve my 90 day goal?"  For example, I chose a goal of exercising 15 times in month two, which equals a workout every other day. The reason I chose this was because if you do workout every other day then you are that much closer to achieving your ultimate goal of losing 12 pounds. 

 ****Also, you could take this to the next level and say that your goal will be to workout 30 times by the end of month two. Nevertheless, I would rather have you focus on one goal at a time. Remember, you must be realistic in your goal setting and choose something that is doable.*****

After you established your 60 day goal, you figure out how your monthly goal will help you accomplish your 60 (refer to **) and 90 day goal. Once we establish our monthly goal, it is time to figure out a weekly goal that will help you get closer to your monthly goal. This could be as simple as being in bed by 10 30 five times a week. And if you do quick multiplication, five night a week will equal twenty nights by the end of the month.

Last but not least, when the weekly goal is completed then it is time to think of a daily goal that will help you accomplish your weekly goal. Remember, all of these goals are ultimately leading up to your most important goal, i.e your 90 day goal. Look at the chart below to see how this works...

  • By sleeping more you will have more energy and willpower ---> Higher levels of energy and willpower will make it easier to adhere to a workout program----> Increased sleep and exercise are scientifically proven to help you lose weight...

Therefore, we can say that by going to bed earlier for a month can eventually lead to significant weight loss in three months. Granted, you could play devil's advocate and say that exercise and sleep doesn't influence weight loss as much as diet. But, I would say that most people know how to eat healthy, but lack adequate sleep. Furthermore,  we just need to be put in the right mindset and sleep is the most important mood regulator. Most of us have very stressful, busy lives. Theses stressors tend to make us operate on emotion rather than logic. For example, we know that fast food is unhealthy for us but millions of people still do it every single day. Why?  Because they are operating on emotion and feelings, their logical, higher functions have been overthrown and taken over by stress. This takeover makes you crave instant gratification. And since most of us have been exposed to fast food before, we know how go it feels to eat. Thus, we go ahead and consume that corn fed abused cow or overstuffed caged chicken and it feels amazing! I mean your mouth waters, your brain lights up with pure pleasure. You can't help but take another bite. The addiction forces you to take another bite. One after the other, until it is all gone in the matter of five minutes.

Does this sound familiar? It does to me, because I have done it multiple times. Actually, my mom's favorite saying was, "you aren't going to the electric chair, breathe and enjoy the food!" Going off my Mom's advice ( aren't our parents just so smart..... eh ), try to breathe and take breaks between each bites. Take a bite and see how the food tastes. I want you to be curious and honest. Ask yourself if you truly enjoy the meal or are you just operating on emotion. Most of us are very smart, hard working people but we tend to let our emotion and feelings make our decisions for us. If you have ever consumed at least one healthy meal in your life then you have the state of mind to eat healthy; you just have to train it! 

Step 2:  Look at the following chart and break it down into how many days you workout a week. Your goal is to complete 2-4 sets of one exercise from each category with a repetition range (how many you do) of 8 to 15 reps per exercise...

  1. Vertical Push ( overhead pressing)
  2. Vertical Pull (pull ups, pulldowns)
  3. Horizontal Push ( bench press) 
  4. Horizontal Pull (bent over row, inverted row)
  5. Bilateral hip dominant  (deadlift)
  6. Unilateral hip dominant (single leg deadlift)
  7. Bilateral knee dominant  (squat)
  8. Unilateral knee dominant (lunges)
  9. Abdominal Anti- Extension 
  10. Abdominal Anti- Rotation
  11. Anti-Lateral Flexion

For example, if you are working out twice a week, then you would do the first five exercises on one day. On the second day, you would do the remaining six. 

Step 3: By now you should have your goals and your workout schedule planned. All we have to do now is choose the first exercise from each category. The categories are ranked from  moderate to expert, i.e the first exercise is less advanced than the 5th exercise. 

Step 4: Stick to the workout plan for 3 to 6 weeks, and don't be afraid to take it slow! It is imperative and crucial to your success that you focus on the process and not your results.

Step 5: Look in the mirror and be honest with yourself.. Answer the following question: "Are you ready to make a change?"

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