This plan is my baby. She is my favorite workout plan of all time. I have worked on it for countless hours, days and weeks. I wrote the first edition of this in December. This puppy is six months in the making. It has been tested and challenged, each workout has been developed to get you the nicest pair of glutes you have ever had. 

I am being serious, if you follow this plan exactly as it says, your body will go through a transformation. You are going to become stronger, sexier, and people are going to start looking at you. Sorry for all the stares that this program is going to give you, so if you are someone who doesn't want to get looked at then this plan isn't for you. When you finish this plan, people will be coming up to you and asking, "what have you done?" You are going to be an inspiration to everyone that sees you. You are going to motivate others who doubt themselves.

Are you ready to challenge yourself? 

This workout plan is not easy, you will be lifting four to five times a week and performing high intensity intervals two times a week. This workout is literally going to kick your ass in shape.

So how do I start this workout plan?

You will email me a before picture of yourself in bathing suit (front, side) . Don't worry no one is going to see it, this is to track your progress. 

Each month you will send in a new picture and we will compare the two to see the changes that are occurring. Fill out the form below to receive your workout plan!

Oh and it is all free but why?

Well, I want to make the world a better place, and the only way I know how to do that is by giving people tight, bodacious glutes .

Enjoy =]

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