We are going to keep this very simple. The plan is going to get you the results you want. It has different workout programs for each month meaning you will be utilizing periodization .For example, your workout plan for July is different then your workout plan for August and September. Each plan is written the way it is for a specific reason. In month one we build up your foundation, teaching you how to move better and utilize your glutes. In month two, we test that foundation and see how your body responds. For month three, we test that foundation even more and sculpt it to perfection. Have you ever seen the Statue of David? That is what we are going to do to you. You are my Statue of David and I am your Michelangelo.

If the plan seems too easy then only do it for 3 weeks before advancing to the next month. Three weeks is the minimum amount you need to do and six weeks being the maximum. To sum up, each phase should take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to complete. 

To be successful on this plan you must do the following

- sleep 7 to 9 hours per night ( try to be in bed before 11)

- 80% of your food should be healthy! ( send me an email if you need a meal plan)

- Trust the workout plan, do exactly what it says. I have spent  numerous days writing this plan and am very confident in it. Stick to it and you will achieve the goals you set. 

- Take your picture every week of yourself in a bathing suit and save it, at the end of each month look at these pictures and you will be shocked by the transformation. 

- Email me with any questions or comments to erik@rokiskyfitness.com  , I am here to help because I want you to succeed, so abuse me with questions (please no physical abuse).

Enjoy =]