When it comes to sleeping most of us have trouble getting comfortable and constantly move around all night. Some of us even hurt ourselves as we sleep, waking up with tight necks, shoulders and lower backs. Sleep is supposed to be meant for recovery yet we are waking up feeling worse then when we went to bed. The reason you are waking up feeling worse is due to your sleeping position; just like you I am guilty of this terrible pattern.

Currently, I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder and ever morning I wake up my shoulder is tight and I have to use the lacrosse ball to open the shoulder joint up ad reduce some inflammation to get my shoulder feeling better.  I have tried sleeping on the floor and even in a hammock but nothing has seen to work. So I was fed up with the pain and decided to do some research. I was scrolling through Facebook this morning and came across this video done by the wizard himself, Dr Kelly Starret. 

In the video he addresses poor sleep patterns that are affecting your neck and shoulders. He shows you a better sleeping position and how to use pillows to help you sleep better. Are you like me and you are suffering from neck or shoulder pain? Well if you said yes then you click play and watch the video.