If you know me well then you know that I love listening to podcasts. I am an avid listener and probably listen to at least 2 to 3 podcasts a day depending on the podcast. Usually I will listen to joe rogans, robb wolf,  tim ferris , bryan callen , art of charm and ben greenfield.  Most of the time it is about health and fitness but sometimes it is just for my entertainment.

I strongly recommend all of these podcasts. You will learn a ton of information and it is a great way to get you away from the television. Also it can motivate you to get moving and maybe go on a long walk. I find the podcast very interesting and lose track of time while im listening. I will end up walk a couple miles during one podcast.  

It is a great way to learn while obtaining some physical activity just make sure to take some notes while you listen. 

Below is a compilation of notes that i have taken in the last month from these podcasts.  


ps on any of the podcast just use their search bar and type in health and fitness to find some great guests

  • Piperine with black pepper tumeric to enhance cognitive function and absorption 
  • Move scapula on the ribcage
  • Tumeric increased neurons in mice made them smarter(learning and memory )
  • Increase tryptophan*precursor to serotonin ** to increase serotonin , tryptophan ->5 htp-> vitamin d3->sleep -> serotonin
  • Exercise decreases inflammation in brain, hence why serotonin gets boosted
  • Epa decrease brain inflammation
  • Can only see 1% of light spectrum
  • Insulin blunts fat oxidation
  • Cancer cell produces lactic acid
  • Up Regulation of lipase and carnosine which is responsible for driving fatty acids into muscle tissue
  • Adenosine is a byproduct of atp
  • Magnesium is required for this pathway  to take place -> Vitamin d3 responsible for this pathway-> 5htp boosts-> serotonin (through the penile gland) which becomes melatonin which shuts down adrenal function aka lower cortisol
  • Cortisol ruins the conversion from t4 to t3
  • People who are overweight convert test to estrogen faster then healthy ppl (zinc citrate can counter this)
  • Exercise helps tryptophan cross the blood brain barrier boosting serotonin
  • Magnesium helps with dna repair
  • Lauric acid from coconut oil helps with appetite suppressing,helps the gut
  • Exercise helps grow new brain cells as does the sauna
  • Vitamin d turns serotonin on in the brain, turns off in the stomach
  • Physical activity shrinks the brain. Stress erodes the billions ofnervecells in the brain
  • Ppl will eat 300 more cals on sleep restriction 
  • There is a difference betweennutritional ketosis and ketoacidosis
  • TFL , VMO , glute medius is essential for movement . Lateral movementis essential
  • 15 % testosterone decrease with sleeping less than 6 hrs for2 weeks
  • Saturated fat boosts hdl which boosts testosterone and sperm quality