Enroll Into Our Online Coaching Program

Welcome to the Rokiskyfitness online personal training program. This program is dedicated to you, and is designed to help you achieve the results you want. When you enroll into my program I hold you accountable for every goal you set. I give you every tool possible to achieve the goals you want. But this program is more than counting calories and lifting weights. The purpose of my online coaching program is to teach you how to master portion control and your workouts. It may be uncomfortable at first, but if you stay patient and trust the process you will experience life changing results.

So, What Do You Get?

Monthly Programs Made Specific To Your Goals & Needs

  • Posture & Movement Assessment

  • Proper Technique For Each Exercise

  • Fat Loss

  • Muscle Growth

  • Video Demonstration Of Each Exercise

    *Please allow for 1-2 weeks from purchase to write your program

Nutritional Guidelines

  • Portion Control

  • How To Make A Healthy Meal

  • Calorie Counting

  • Food Shopping List

Monthly Google Hangout Video Calls

  • 30 minute calls to set goals for the following areas:

    1.Body Composition




90 Days
750.00 900.00
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180 Days
1,200.00 1,800.00
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365 Days
2,100.00 3,600.00
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