5 Ways To Burn More Fat

1. Exercise Every Single Day.

     Yes, you have probably heard this a million times and I am sure you live a busy life and don't have anytime. I  know what you are thinking, there isn't enough time in the day; you are too busy and have too much on your plate. I understand that we live busy lives, however if you want to get something done you will get it done. Your priorities will dictate your actions. And yes, it is as simple as that. I am not asking you to workout for an hour every day, or even for 30 minutes. I am suggesting just ten minutes a day. We all can wake up ten minutes early and start our day off with a workout.  It could be as simple as waking up and going for a ten minute walk or jumping rope. Regardless of what you have been told, ten minutes of physical activity does have its benefits. It may not burn the most calories, but it sets you up for success for the rest of your day. We (humans) are feeble minded and tend to rely on momentum. Therefore, a good goal is to kickstart your mind and get it rolling in the right direction. Studies have shown that just ten minutes of exercise improved executive function in the brain (1) i.e you will make better decisions throughout the day.

       In previous blog posts we talked about how willpower is finite and that it can run out. In my opinion, the only way to overcome change is through discipline. Now, I am not saying that this morning routine will solve everything, but it will send you in the right direction and set you up for success. So set your alarm clock ten minutes early, jump out of bed and get to work. Your mind and body will thank you later.

Don't have a jump rope? Give one of these routines a try.

  • Total Body Warm Up 
  • Core Circuit
  • Lower Body Circuit

2. Avoid Eating Carbohydrates Before Bed

       There are so many different opinions on carbohydrates, some people say they make you fat and some say they make you burn fat. In my opinion, you can make an argument for both sides, but ultimately it depends on the person and their way of life.  Let's face it, everyone is different and just because one thing works for me, doesn't mean it will work for you.  A couple weeks ago I wrote about why carbs won't make you fat and why you shouldn't eat your carbs at night. Both of those articles go into much deeper detail on why I recommend eating your carbohydrates throughout the day. So for this I will give you the cliffnotes version.

         When you eat carbohydrates the body will secrete insulin to take the glucose from the carbohydrates and deliver it to the cells of the body. This process can take anywhere from two to six hours depending on the person and how much food you ate.  But here is the problem.. The circadian rhythm hormone melatonin is at its highest between 9pm and 11 pm. During this time,  the secretion of melatonin will inhibit the body's ability to use insulin. Put simply, when melatonin is up, insulin is low and vice versa. The body does this in order to make sure that the body has adequate blood glucose levels throughout the overnight fast.  However, it is my belief that by eating a high amount of carbohydrates before bed, your body will forgo the stimulation of melatonin in favor of insulin secretion because glucose is very toxic to the blood. Thus, the body will shut off its melatonin production and use insulin to clear out the extra glucose in the blood. If my hypothesis is correct then this should cause concern because melatonin is one of the strongest antioxidants in the human diet. In fact, it is 200% more powerful than Vitamin E (1). Furthermore, melatonin reduces inflammation (direct free radical scavenging), stimulates repairing enzymes, increases energy, and longevity (2). And studies have even shown that higher levels of melatonin have been shown to promote higher levels of brown adipose tissue (BAT) in the body (3), which leads to greater fat loss.

     Therefore, if you wish to reap the fat burning benefits of melatonin then it is best to avoid carbohydrate consumption after 7 or 8 pm due to the time it takes for insulin levels to drop after carbohydrate consumption. 

3. Blocking Blue Light At Night

   So I just got done talking about the benefits of melatonin and why you want higher levels before bed. I am a huge advocate of wearing blue blocking glasses at night to keep melatonin levels up. Melatonin is considered the "sleep hormone" because it gets secreted when the eye receives dim light, which means it can't get secreted if you are staring at electronics all night. Therefore, if you wish to reap the fat burning benefits of melatonin then you must avoid blue light at night time (9pm to 11pm). The best way to avoid blue light from electronics is through blue blocking glasses or through an app from your phone or laptop.  So by wearing glasses at night it will keep your melatonin levels high which will help you sleep better at night. (hence why people supplement with melatonin before bed) 

    There are two hormones that play a huge role on your hunger levels based off how much you sleep. These two hormones are leptin and ghrelin. When you get a restful night of sleep you have increased leptin levels and when sleep duration is short you have increased ghrelin levels.  In a nutshell, both hormones control your hunger. When leptin levels are higher you feel fuller and when ghrelin levels are higher you are more inclined to eat (1) .

To sum up,

    Blocking blue light at night will increase melatonin levels which will help you sleep better and have higher levels of leptin. This higher level of leptin will control your appetite and help you avoid overeating. Who knew that wearing glasses at night could help you burn more fat!

4. Do Some Sprints!

 If there is one exercise that gives you the most bang for your buck then sprinting is that exercise.  Sprinting is the only exercise that has been around for millions of years, well, that and hip extension.. but I digress. All out sprints are encoded in our DNA. I am not talking about going for a jog and pushing it a little at the end.  I am talking about running for your life type of sprints; getting chased by the cops after a party type of sprint. I think we all have experienced that moment in our life, maybe some more then others...sorry mom. But we get the point. In order for you to reap the benefits of a sprint workout, you need to be pushing your body to the limits. Check out the studies below to see the benefits of sprinting..

1. Sprinting has been shown to reduce fat in women  

2. Sprints increase testosterone

3. Sprints are the best choice for people short on time

 Above all, it is important to realize that these workouts should only be done two to three times per week max. Start out at once a week and work your way up to two time a week. If you are doing this correctly then your body should take two to three days to recover between each workout. Furthermore, all types of cardio have been shown to fight depression and alleviate stress. So why not do the one that will increase testosterone, burn more fat and save you time? Personally, when I push my body to it's limits, something magical happens and I enter this flow state where nothing else in the world matters. All I can think about is surviving the workout at hand. This is my go to stress reliever, so next time you feel stressed, go outside and pretend you are teen again. 


  • 20 seconds all out sprint followed by 40 seconds walking. 
  • Perform 4 times
  • Take a 2 min break
  • Repeat for 3 rounds

5.  Drink More Black Coffee

    Yes, I said it, drink more coffee! I am sure you just screamed in pure ecstasy because this is something we can all do. I mean how amazing is coffee? It makes us feel like a million bucks, it is has powerful antioxidants to protect our DNA from free radicals,it protects us from inflammation and it even burns fat by speeding up our fat oxidation. Great googily moogily coffee is amazing! However, we need to stop ruining our black gold with sugar, fake cream, and all that garbage that we condimate our coffee with. Instead, try blending your coffee with your favorite protein powder and coconut oil. You will improve the taste and still reap the benefits .   Nevertheless, before adding more cups of coffee to your routine, make sure you are sleeping seven to nine hours per night. Regardless of what you hear and read, nothing will ever replace sleep when it comes to fat loss. Sleep is by far the most important thing out of all these and should be viewed as the most important thing.

So here's what you need to do to burn more fat...

  1. Wake Up
  2. 10 minute exercise circuit 
  3. Black coffee or mixed with protein
  4. Go to work
  5. Black coffee
  6. Sprints  (2 to 3 times per week) 
  7. Eat healthy after work ( limit carbs to 7 or 8pm)
  8. Put on your blue blockers
  9. Take a picture and tag yourself on Instagram @rokiskyfitness
  10. Fall asleep between 9pm and 10:30pm