There are certain facts we must accept in this life. One of them is that our body isn’t ours, it was given to us. We had no choice in the matter and we can’t go back and change our genetics. Nevertheless, we have the ability to optimize our body and turn a bad situation into a good one. This can only occur if you eat, sleep and move often. Your lifestyle choices will impact your mood, energy and productivity. There is no debating this, if you don’t eat real food, sleep and exercise then you will not be performing at your best. For example, if I don’t get to bed by 9pm or sleep for at least 7.5 hours then I am not at 100 percent the next day. Yes, I am able to do my job and perform, but I know I am not at my best.

I know what my optimal state feels like and how productive I can be when I get to bed early. The same can be said for diet and exercise too. When I eat three meals a day and avoid snacking I feel better and think clearer. Exercise has the same effect. In the past I have gone days without working out and those are the days where I am least productive. To me, training every day is non-negotiable and is needed for me to be at my best. It is therapeutic and quiets my mind. These three things may sound like common sense, but we tend to forget how much our lifestyle influences our behaviors.

 In order for us to live a healthy life we must grasp the concept that this body was given to us as a gift. We only get one and we can’t trade it in for a new one. I try to tell my client’s to think of their body like a car. If you don’t give it the right fuel then it won’t work properly, it is that simple. Nowadays, everyone wants to make health and fitness so complicated when in reality it is really simple, but simple isn’t always easy to follow. Simple requires discipline, but the majority of people lack discipline.

When we were younger we were indestructible. We could have a terrible diet, drink the night away and still work 12-hour days on no sleep. Not only could we get the work done, but we could maintain our weight too. However, as we get older we lose this superhuman ability to function on a poor diet and little sleep. If we don’t change our unhealthy behaviors from our younger years we will gain weight and age faster. We will become lethargic and lose the motivation to accomplish our goals. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can slow down the aging process and improve our work productivity by eating only three meals a day, sleeping 7-9 hours a night and lifting weights at least 2x times per week.