Why the video above? Well, before starting any diet plan it is important that you apply the five steps mentioned in the video. Because even if you don't agree with my ideas and concepts, you still may be able to learn something from them. And the same can be said for things I don't believe in, but when I try to understand it from a different perspective it helps me learn more. For example, the weight watchers program has many benefits to its methods, but I don't agree with everything. Nevertheless, it is is extremely successful, so there is no point to reinvent the wheel. Therefore, I am going to take all of its benefits and get rid of the parts I don't believe in. Hopefully, someone reads it and then does the same thing, they take the benefits of my program and then improve it based off their skill set and knowledge. This is how ideas spread and how ideas progress. 

So what is the program?

    The program, just like weight watchers, will be gamified, meaning you will be more motivated to stick with me. But, unlike weight watchers, lifestyle will play a huge factor in how many cheat meals you are allowed per week. Sleep, exercise and meditation will play a pivotal role in this program. If you want to get in better shape and defy aging; then sleep, exercise and meditation are essential.  Follow the steps below to start your journey. 

*** Quick update: Based off new research I am recommending that you take  1.5 grams of carbohydrates per pound to 3 grams of carbohydrates per pound. The more active you are, the greater need for carbohydrates. Nevertheless, these carbs should be fruits, vegetables, rice, oats, potatoes and gluten free grains. 

     Let's just be honest, we love games and we love getting rewarded for our hard work. The program above was designed to reward you for your discipline. It is not easy to start a new habit, but if you can be rewarded for your new habits then you will be more motivated to stick with it. Numerous experiment have shown that positive reinforcement works best for building habits. Nevertheless, everyone in this world is different and it is up to you to figure out what works best. The only way to do that is through action and experimentation. Give this program a 30 day try and see if it works for you. Remember, it is going to be hard in the beginning and at times very uncomfortable. But, it is imperative that you trust the journey and believe in it. You need to trust that I have done the research and have provided you with the best program possible. I have put everything I know into this program. I truly believe that if you follow the program as written then fat loss is inevitable.

      You will become a stronger, healthier and sexier version of yourself. Nevertheless, it is going to take time and it won't happen as fast as you want it to, but it won't take as long as you think either. The key is starting small and building on your successes, you need to gain momentum and use it as fuel to push you to achieve your goals. In order to do this you must set goals. So, before beginning this program, I want you to write out your weekly goal and repeat this every Sunday; it can be as simple as eating 20 grams of protein upon waking each morning. I really hope you enjoy this plan and use all of its benefits.Once you have developed the habits that are needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle then you can ditch the program, and do your own thing. However, do not rush through this and don't get carried away. Start out slowly and build your way up. I selected these achievements for a specific reason, if you do them, you will become a better and healthier version of yourself. 


Erik Rokisky