It is 2016 and in the last twenty years the health and fitness field has grown exponentially. In fact, many people consider this to be the golden age due to all the jobs available in the health field. Personal trainers, physical therapists and strength and conditioning coaches are at an all time high. However, people are still struggling with managing their weight and health. Which then makes us ask the question,

“Why are people still struggling with weight loss?”

The internet has provided us with more than enough knowledge. Just take five seconds on Google and you will get thousands of blogs on how to lose weight. 

So if we have this information at our fingertips then why aren't we using this information? For the last couple of years I thought the answer was more knowledge, but obviously I was completely wrong. If anything more knowledge is causing people more anxiety than ever before. There is the old quote that "Knowledge is power," but that is bullshit. Having knowledge is just the beginning. The true power lies in the ability to apply that knowledge to something you prioritize because you could have all the knowledge in the world but if you don't have the desire to apply it then it is a waste of time. 

      While I was in college one of my professors made the point that we all have the same amount of time in the day and that what separates the successful from the unsuccessful is how they prioritize their day. You could give your client the best workout plan ever and the best meal plan, but if they don't prioritize it then nothing will happen. Therefore, it is imperative that you teach your client how to prioritize before you teach them anything else. Remember, our priorities are what dictate our behaviors and if someone wants to make a change then they have to prioritize the behavior that will lead to the change.

The best way to prioritize a new behavior is through accountability and consistency. So make sure you set a priority that is doable and realistic. The key to developing a new priority is consistency. The small steps are the ones that lead to the biggest changes because new habits take time to form, and the only way they will form is through repetition. However, for most of us, exercise is not fun nor is it a priority. On average, most will exercise here and there but will not follow a routine and the same can be said for diets. Most will eat healthy here and there but fail to stick to it long term. This is why being held accountable is so important when it comes to achieving your goals.

     Let's face it, we are all fickle minded animals who tend to rely on the momentum of life. When things are going well then everything else is going well, but once we hit adversity we tend to lose our disciplines and our routines. Usually, the first thing to go are the uncomfortable stressors of our life and for most of us that includes our diet, sleep and exercise. When we become overly stressed we act on emotions and forget our disciplines. And to make matters worse,  we are living in a world that is filled with distractions. Cell phones, computers and other gadgets have lead to greater expectations and less patience. I am not alone in this thinking, the author, Professor Frank Partnoy, who wrote, Wait: The Useful Art of Procrastination stated the following: “The ‘crush of technology’ drives us to ‘make instant decisions’ and follow our short-term animal instincts. This addiction and way of thinking has caused people to have unrealistic expectations. Ultimately, these “expectations” are what drive people away from the gym when they don’t see results fast enough.

The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.
— Roger Bannister

    In order for a client to become successful they need to have the ability to resist short term gratification and have the ability to endure pain.  Thus, the best thing a trainer or coach can do is teach a client patience and consistency. It is imperative that a client understands that results won't happen overnight. The sooner you can teach this to a client, the closer they are to achieving results. You could have the best workout and diet, but all diets and workout programs take time. This is why teaching a client patience and consistency is so important because results take time. However, this is not an easy feat to teach, especially if the client is doing it alone. Based off my experience as a trainer, I have found that people tend to get the best results when they have someone or something to hold them accountable. This can be a friend, a coach, or even money. And the best way to hold yourself accountable is through money and a coach because those are the two things that you will value the most. 

So before you start that next diet or that next workout plan it is important that you take a hard look in the mirror and get your priorities straight.  Look at yourself and in the eyes and ask yourself:

"Why the fuck am I doing this?" 

Here's the thing, most of us want to be in better shape, have six pack abs and get the attention that comes from it, but most of us don't actually want to work for it. The idea and fantasy of it sounds amazing because it takes us away from the current reality and gives us a much needed escape. But once we hit some type of adversity we tend to give up and find another path. But here is the big secret, no matter what path you take there is going to be pain and suffering. So instead of trying to find the path of least resistance, try to develop a plan that will teach you how to deal with a path of most resistance. And at Rokiskyfitness we have plan that will do just that.