Religion has dominated our earth for millions of years, since the dawn of time, humans have looked toward the sky for answers. The following passage is my perspective on how it all started and who my "God" is. I do not follow any religion but I do believe in a "God" and that "God" doesn't have any special powers. To me, God is just a creator for our universe, but we decide our destiny and no one else...

     13.7 billion years ago God created the big bang and as the universe expanded so did God. Gods first forms were protons, neutrons and electrons; then God transformed energy into light and atoms. From there, God continued to grow the galaxy by dividing himself up into all the aspects of life.; every cell, every atom, every molecule, and every particle. God became a part of everything so that God could feel every interaction and every moment. Billions and billions of years went by before you and I stepped on this planet. And we are not the first humans. Before us, homo sapiens, there were the Homo Erectus (first upright man) and our other relative, Neanderthals. However, no religions every talk of this because when the bible or any other religious teachings were taught, humans had no idea that other humans existed. This gave the human race false entitlement, thinking that God created them for a distinct reason, thinking that they inherited the earth. Our entitlement is what make us believe that the world will never end by a meteor because God will save us.

     You see, God has no say over what will happen with the world because God is the universe, at the very beginning of time, God gave away that power so that God could be everywhere at every moment. Because just like us, God is curious and has a thirst for knowledge. God is in all of us, God is the feeling of happiness, curiosity, and passion. It is up to you to find God, but it will not be easy. Creating the universe was not easy so neither will it be for you. After all, your body is mostly stardust which means the universe is apart of us, so, look at the night sky and give thanks. We are all God's children and he is in all of us, we just have to be willing to look for it.