Have we been consumed by our ego so much that we have forgotten where we came from?  Regardless of how we look, speak or love; we are all apart of the same race. We are all homo sapiens,  we are humans. And once upon a time we had to rely on others for survival, not just a family member, but a whole community.  No one knows why we evolved into these "Gods", but we do know how it feels to be alone, to be afraid, and to feel love.

  We must realize that we are all here for the same purpose. Each and everyone of us is just trying to figure out their purpose for being on this earth.  And spare me the " I don't have a purpose, all I like to do is watch Netflix all day." That is selfish and that is your ego winning. If you are alive today then that means you have the DNA to overcome adversity and make a change. Think about your ancestors and how much suffering they had to endure just too survive. To all the females, think about all the women who suffered and fought for human rights just so you could be viewed as equal. And to every other minority, think of your ancestors and how much they struggled just for you to live today. They dealt with starvation, loneliness, constant death and of course mother nature. Our lives don't even compare today and we have the nerve to complain; we have the audacity to feel bad for ourselves. Instead of looking at everything we have and how far our species has come. We choose to look at everything we don't have and become envious of others who have more.

  I too, am guilty of this behavior. But everyday I look in the mirror and say thank you because I am so grateful for everything that has ever happened in my life. Yes, you probably have every right to be upset, mad and pissed at your shortcomings or your upbringing. Most likely you had a much harder life then me and I know I will never understand how much yoy suffered. But, compared to what we used to have to go through and where we came from, I would say life isn't too bad.

  Remember,  we are not some special creatures that God made in a garden. We are animals that evolved for millions and millions of years. Before us there were Neanderthals, and before them the First Upright Man (Homo Erectus). The only thing special about us is our ability to communicate and socialize. In the past we have used this super power to strike fear into the minority and anyone who didn't think the way we did. However, it is 2016 now, we can communicate more then ever. We are connected more then ever,  yet depression has never been hire.  This is inexcusable and must come to an end. In a world with this much technology,  there should not be as much suffering. 

    As humans, it should be our goal to end human suffering. Each year we should try to improve the quality off life for the poor and wrongly accused. The only way to do this is to spread empathy, love, and happiness. We must change one person at a time and hope it takes over like cancer,  consuming everyone in its path. In order for this to spread we need to be happy. We need to experience love and hardship so that we can tell stories of how we overcame our insecurities. These stories can motivate millions of people to make a change. And above all we need community and gratitude. Without these two then happiness cannot spread. The secret to mastering these mindsets is to see things from someone else's perspective. Unhappiness and loneliness can only take over your mind if you let, happiness is a choice and you decide how you want to live. You can be the one who makes someone's day and you can be the story of someone's life. All you have to do is go out and smile.