Sometimes in life it can feel like we have no control. It feels like someone is controlling us from afar. We blink our eyes and the day is gone. The days turn into months and months into years. And then we start to lose hope and wonder what our purpose is.

Why are we here?

Regardless of how you answered that question , the fact is that we are in control our life right now. Yes, some people are very unlucky and experience tragedy while others don't. But that is life and we had no control over our childhood or our parents. However, if you are reading this right now, then you are most likely an adult and you are in control of your life. At least you may think. You see, most people aren't in control of their life, their ego is. They either think too less of themselves or think to highly of themselves. I know this because I thought too highly of myself and now I see it others. Nowadays, it is rare to find a person of humility. Someone who takes extreme ownership of their failures, someone who doesn't make excuses. A person who takes their profession seriously, but not their life. Being humble seems so easy on paper, but it is much harder in real life; our emotions change us and decide our actions. Think back to that day where everything seemed to go wrong, wasn't it hard to smile at others? When I am having a shitty day it takes every ounce of energy to smile at others because I am stuck in my head listening to all of the chatter that my ego is spilling out.  

Which brings me to my next question:

Have you ever stopped in the middle of a city and thought to yourself, "Their are a lot of fucking people in the world. And each one of them is having the same conversation in their head."

Each one with their own story, their own triumphs and failures. Each person a new character in your story, someone that you have never met, someone that could change your life for the better. And yes, you are going to meet some assholes along the way, but that is what makes this life fun and interesting. But do not let this deter you, we should strive to meet as many people as possible and share our story. I haven't traveled much, but I have lived in the northeast, the south and now the west coast. People are different and what you perceive as reality is only yours. But when you surround yourself with different cultures and traditions this perception changes and happiness follows. I believe that we crave progress and when things become too routine we begin to lose hope. However, you don't ever have to go through this ever again because you are in control of your life and you determine what you do with it.

Do you want to be successful?

Well you are in luck, because it is 2016 and you can find out how. You have every resource possible to become successful in any profession. Yes, it is very hard and there are so many more distractions today, but that is life, and those rules are set and aren't changing anytime soon. 

Yeah, that part sucks, but it also makes life pretty fucking awesome, so I am not going to complain about social media or technology. Nevertheless, this technology makes discipline the key to success. Nowadays extreme focus is rare, if you can harness that ability then you will become successful. To do this you must be disciplined and humble. You have to be a student first and ask as many questions as possible. You must listen and plan. Those plans turn into action and progress is achieved. It doesn't matter if it fails or succeeds, both will teach you a valuable lesson. Hopefully it is a success, but if it is a failure then you need to take extreme ownership and learn from the failure. The easiest way to learn from a failure is to ask others what you did wrong. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and they will tell you. FInd a mentor and be a student.

Trust me, people want to help more than ever, you just have to find them.  I have been a personal trainer for 5 years and along the way I have met some awesome trainers who went out of their way to help me and I will do the same for others. To me, this is what life's about and what makes life fun. Books are only worth reading if the characters are interesting, humans crave this trait in others, they respect it too. So be interesting, read more books and talk to more people. Travel the world until you have found yourself, don't settle for anything until you are content and never forget all the people who have helped you along the way. When you become successful or if you are already successful (i.e financial freedom) then it is time to give back and be a teacher to a student. Remember, you have the ability to change someone's life for the better, you just have to have the courage to do it. So step out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there. The unknown is scary, but the unknown is what makes life worth living. After all, who enjoys a book when they already know the ending?