In high school and the first two years of college I was a fool and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. That all changed the moment I lived in Thailand for six weeks .Living there changed my life for the better. When you are alone and in a country where you know nothing you really do find yourself. Yourealize what you want in life. I urge all of you to go travel somewhere and get outside of your comfort zone. I can't thank my family enough, especially my brother Justin Rokisky who paid for my plane ticket and basically forced me to go.

        While in Thailand I found my love for knowledge and listened close to three podcasts a day while exploring Chaing Mai.  I went to yoga retreats and left them halfway through because I was too mentally weak to handle it and that is perfectly fine. I did my first ever muay thai fight, I was afraid that I was going to lose and get made fun of when I got back home. Isn't that funny how insecurities motivate us to push past our limits. Luckily, I out weighed the kid by 20 lbs and won the fight. Unfortunately, I still get made fun of because I weighed more so "it didn't count".

      You will realize in life that people who have negative things to say are usually jealous or unhappy. I mean what happy person takes the time out of their day to bring someone else down? Successful, happy people bring others up. They don't want to be surrounded by negativity or inadequacies. Next time someone tugs on your cape, give them a smile  and move on with your day. Those types of people are just jealous of your happiness and your ability to be true to yourself. They envy what you have, and since they don't have it, they want  you to suffer just like them.

      These events may seem small and not life changing but the experiences shaped me into who I am today because they made me do something I didn't want to do. For some reason we tend to settle and are afraid to stick out. Who cares if someone thinks you are different or weird.  Trust me I am probably the weirdest  person ever. I put coconut oil in my coffee, I run barefoot, I wear orange sunglasses at night ( the ladies LOVE it), and guess what most people think I am a fool or I have lost my mind. But who really cares because I guarantee you are not alone. There are 7 billion people in this world, someone out there is doing the same weird stuff as you. Someone out there is going through exactly what you are going through. Remember, we are never alone, so as long as you're happy then go for it.You only have one life to live so why are you pretending to be someone you aren't? I truly believe this life is all a game, a test to see if we can be true to ourselves. Put your fears and thoughts aside and just go after what you want in life. I mean what are we so afraid of? There is nothing on the opposite side of fear. You will get over every embarrassment you ever have. You will adapt, you will adjust and you will grow into a better version of yourself. Do the thing that makes you feel like you have butterflies in your stomach something that makes you question your decision. Do the thing you have never done before. Being nervous is a good thing, it lets you know that you are truly alive.  

I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened. – Mark Twain