Improve Your Deadlift With These 4 Core Exercises

In order to squat or deadlift well, you must have a strong core.  When you perform a squat or deadlift, the pelvis will tilt forward slightly to allow the hips to bend and flex. But an excessive lower back arch (anterior pelvic tilt), can limit the ability to squat or deadlift. Put simply, if the pelvis is tilted too far forward then the hips won't have any room to flex. 

To improve hip flexion and rotation, you need to get the pelvis back to neutral. When the abdominals, hamstrings, and obliques contract they tilt the pelvis posteriorly. Since most people, including myself, have an anterior pelvic tilt. It would be wise to perform exercises that trigger posterior pelvic tilt. In the video below you will find three of my favorite exercises that I use with my clients to improve their core strength. Perform the four exercises below in a circuit fashion at the end of your workout. I recommend performing the circuit two to three times per week. 

Repeat the core circuit two to four times with minimal rest

1.Bird Dog Crunch 8 reps per arm


2. Hip Thrust March 8 reps per leg


3. Dead Bug 8 reps per leg

4. Forearm Side Plank 30 second hold

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