Avoid Injury With This 30 Day Workout Plan

Over 80 percent of Americans will experience lower back pain at some point in their life (1). In 2008, obesity costed America 147 billion dollars (2) and some websites have reported that the number has climbed to a staggering 192 billions dollars (3) . Based off these numbers, America is overweight and injured. I have seen this firsthand as a trainer. People are weaker than ever and lack the ability to move well. I am sorry to be brash, but it is the truth. We are animals and movement is wired into our dna. Unfortunately, we no longer have to move for food or shelter like our ancestors. Technology is slowly replacing our need to move and is slowly persuading us to be lethargic and do nothing. While humans are wired to move, we are also wired to do nothing. It is important to understand that we will adapt to any environment we live in. Just take a look at the schools from the 1940s and 1960s:

We used to teach movement at schools, but that is no longer the case. Currently we are adapting to an environment that no longer needs us to move. This has caused the majority of men and women to struggle with basic movements like  pushups, squats, and pullups. I wrote this last week and I will write it again, I believe that men need to train more like women and women need to train more like men. In my experience, the majority of women tend to move much better than the majority of men, but lack the strength to control these movements; on the other hand, while the majority of men are stronger, they lack the flexibility and mobility needed to move well.. So if you are a female and you are extremely flexible then you need to do some strength training like squats, rows and sprints. If you are a male who lacks mobility then you need to do more gymnastics and yoga. Put simply, you need to train your weaknesses and do the things you suck at

We must go back and master the basic movement patterns. We must master our own bodyweight before performing exercises that we see on Instagram. Now it isn't easy to write a workout plan for someone I have never met, but in today's world most people lack strength in their obliques, glutes, abdomen and mid back, which is why 80% of Americans experience lower back pain. If we strengthen these muscle groups, our risk of injury will be reduced. Nevertheless, the most important thing is having consistency and adequate recovery.  The monthly workout plan below is based on bodyweight exercises that can be done in the comfort of your home. The plan is simple and to the point. It consists of three workouts that you will perform for four weeks straight. Each week you will increase each circuit by one round until you reach a total of five rounds. I don’t want you adding weight to these movements until you can complete all five rounds with ease. When performing the workouts I want you to pay attention to your breathing and focus on the quality of movement. The goal of this monthly program is to build stability around the joints so that you can move better. The plan will only work if you trust it and perform it for the whole month. Put your ego aside and get to work.

Equipment: Suspension Trainer and Timer

Q: Why are there only three workouts?

A: You can’t master a workout in one day. Remember strength and movement are skills, they take time to develop. In my experience I have found that clients need at least three to four weeks to become adequate in a movement.

Q: What can or should I do on the other days?

A: I recommend doing yoga, pilates, a spin class, or any low impact group fitness class to build your sense of community. Working out with a group of people does wonders for me and I think it will do the same for you. We are social creatures and we need to be around other like minded individuals to feel good. Nevertheless, if you enjoy working out alone I recommend the following:

  • Incline Walking or Hiking: 20 minutes
  • Low Impact Sprints: 45 seconds at 80% intensity 75 seconds at 40% intensity
  • Repeat 8 times  
  • Options: Elliptical, Versa Climber, Rower, Bike, Airdyne, Sled Pushes, Running
  • 1-3 times a week 

*Hang everyday for 1 minute to improve posture and reduce back pain. Increase this by one minute each week. With a goal of performing a four minute hang by the end of the month.

Monthly Warm Up: Perform This Before Each Workout

  1. 10 Glute Bridge March Per Leg

  2. 8 Dead Bugs Per Side

  3. 15 Second Side Planks

  4. 8 Hip Flexor Mobilization

  5. 12 Side Lying Clam

  6. 5 Groiners W/ Hip Lift Per Side

  7. 8 Rocking Ankle Mobilization Per Side

  8. 5 Hip Flow Per Side

  9. 10 Shoulder to Wall Flexion (Keep your lower back flat on the wall)

  10.  Repeat 2 Times Total


Monday’s Circuit: 60 seconds per exercise

  1. Walking Prisoner Lunges

  2. Tempo Push Up Plus  

  3. Inverted Suspension Trainer Tempo Rows

  4. Sprint or Squat Jumps

  5. Rest: 90 seconds

  6. Repeat 3 Times Total

Wednesday’s Conditioning 60 seconds per exercise

  1. Walking Lunges With Arms Overhead

  2. Bear Crawls

  3. Cat Cowl Stretch

  4. Rest 60 seconds

  5. Repeat 3 Times Total

Friday’s Circuit: 60 seconds per exercise

  1. Bear Squats

  2. Inverted Suspension Trainer Tempo Rows

  3. Side Plank With Abduction ( Your top leg will left) 30 seconds per side

  4. Sprint or Squat Jumps

  5. Rest: 90 seconds

  6. Repeat 3 Times Total

KEY: tempo= 3 seconds down and 1 second up

*Each week you will increase each circuit by one round until you reach a total of five rounds

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