Training Overhead with Eric Cressey

       A couple months ago I ended up injuring my shoulder while doing pull ups. It was the first time in my life that I had a shoulder injury that put me out of work. I still haven't been able to return to my old self and still experience pain in my shoulder whenever I am changing weights for a client. 

       I should have saw this coming due to how poor my shoulder mobility was however it took me an injury to realize that I need to change my training strategy. You could say I am extremely stubborn and I am my own worst coach. That is why I always suggest you get a coach or follow someone else's program. Ever since high school I have been chest dominant with huge rounded shoulders. My programming in high school was mostly pressing exercises and pull ups. I had no balance in my program, I was doing a press and pull, but I was missing out on horizontal rowing and building up the posterior aspect of the shoulder. You could say that this shoulder injury was a blessing in disguise, it allowed me to see a weakness that I needed to address. I knew I had to change my ways so I did some digging and came across this overhead mobility routine done by Eric Cressey. I read the article, started doing this routine twice a day and the results have been amazing so far. In addition, to the mobility work I have added in horizontal rowing ( inverted rows/ TRX rows) two to three times a week.  I still can't get into a perfect overhead position without losing my neutral spine but my pain is mostly gone and I am getting better every day which is all the motivation I need to continue.


***If you struggle with overhead mobility then check out the six exercises below and do them two times a day for a couple weeks until you can go overhead with a neutral spine.( the rib cage is turned down).*****


      Eric Cressey is one of the top trainers when it comes to training overhead athletes. He has numerous athletes in the MLB. Cressey is one of the best in the business and someone ever coach/ athlete should be learning from. He is a role model of mine and the epitome of a professional.

The following videos are from .  Make sure you click the link and read the whole article. 

1. Supine Alternating Shoulder Flexion on Doubled Tennis Ball: 8 reps/side

2. Bench T-Spine Mobilizations: 8 reps

3. Side-Lying Windmills: 8 reps/side

4. Dead Bugs: 8 reps/side

.  Back to Wall Shoulder Flexion (it's a test and a training exercise): 8 reps

6. Wall Slides with Overhead Shrug and Lift-off: 8 reps

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